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Order Process

We make the ordering process as simple and professional as possible.

The ordering process consists of several very important steps, including:

Rough Drawing
If you have a rough drawing of your needs, we will review it with you to ensure that we cover all points of it. If you do not have a rough drawing, we can create one for you.

Selecting the colors/materials/stone slab
Based on your project needs, we will work with you to review the many different stone samples that we have available to find the best match for your needs. We have many stone slabs available to choose from as well.

The rough drawing is a good beginning point, but we will take exact measurments before we begin the fabrication process. Exact measurerments are needed to ensure your final installed stone is as perfect as can be.

Custom Template
Using the exact measurements, we create a custom template for your selected stone. We will place the template on the stone to get the best looking portion available.

The next step is the Job Process (click here), where the fabrication and installation occurs.

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