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Granite and Marble Order Process

We make the ordering process as simple as possible.

Rough Drawing

Make a rough drawing of your countertops or bathroom vanity.  Here are the basic steps in making a rough drawing.
1. Draw out the basic layout of your kitchen or bathroom as if you are looking at it from above.  Include the appliances, bar tops and islands.  
2. Measure the walls and depths of the countertops and right them on your drawing.  Get as many measurements as you can.
3. Bring your drawing in or email it to us.  We will help you figure out what materials you will work best for you and price the job for you.

Selecting the correct material

Based on your project needs and the color pallet of your room, we will help you decide on the best material for your job.  Are professionals are ready to assist you through the selection process.  


The rough drawing is a good beginning point, but we will come to your home and create and exact template for your job before we begin the fabrication process.

The next step is the Job Process (click here), where the fabrication and installation occurs.

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